Leo A. Martin
Mon, 08 May 2006 14:24:28 PDT
> The only Babiana I've grown is the one offered by Park Seed,
> among others (B stricta??). It arrived in the spring, and didn't flower.
> Next spring it came up, but didn't flower. It slowly dwindled, and after
> about five years didn't return. I never saw a flower.

They're strict winter growers. They require wet growing conditions and
very deep pots to bloom. I haven't been to S Africa but several friends of
mine who have say many Babiana grow in wet ditches along roads.

I've bloomed the ones from Park, which I don't think are B. stricta, but
hybrids. The trick is getting them through the first summer.

They arrive in early spring. Put them into the crisper drawer of your
refrigerator until late fall.

In the fall remove them, put them in DEEP pots with a sandy soil mix. I
doubt a standard US 1 gallon pot (about 8" / 20cm deep) is deep enough. I
use deeper pots than this.

Plant about 2" / 5cm deep. They will pull themselves down. Water heavily
once. Then water heavily about once a week.

After they sprout, be sure to keep them very wet. Give them sun, daytime
temperatures above freezing, and nights not below about 20F / -5C. They'll

If your climate outside is too cold for this, you'll need a greenhouse
that gets quite cool at night.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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