Nerine fothergilli
Mon, 01 May 2006 12:00:49 PDT
Dear Jim:

Nerine corusca was given to a selected form of N. sarniensis. Selections from the same species were also given such names as 'Ancilla', 'Blush Beauty', 'guyFawkes' and others as well. Unfortunatly a selection was also named 'Forthergillii Major'. Thue confusion as this has no relationship at all with N. forthergillii. N. curvifolia is a synonym of N. forthergillii. I hope this helps. Cheers, John E. Bryan
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> John Bryan commented on the nomenclature of Nerine. 
> John, is Nerine fothergillii 'Major' the same as Nerine sarniensis 'Corusca 
> Major'? 
> Jim McKenney 
> Montgomery County Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where Nerine 'Corusca Major' 
> is still glaucous-green but beginning to look a bit "peaked". 
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