Robert Hamilton
Tue, 23 May 2006 13:57:30 PDT
Hi  all,

I took advantage of  the seedex offering of Brodiaea and Triteleia  
seed from the Robinetts earlier this  year. Getting the seed in  our 
summer  allowed me to sow  fairly soon after it arrived.

To this  time 12 of  15 seed lots have  germinated  including two which 
  were stored  from 1994.  The quantities  of  seed  were  very generous 
   , but not expecting much germination I sowed into small pots (and  
directly  to garden in 3 cases).  Triteleia lilacina in particular has 
had mass germination and its  pot  looks  like a  small hedgehog!


Rob in Tasmania  where its  7.00am  and  -1C outside  !

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