Ruellia and more

Dennis Kramb
Mon, 29 May 2006 14:32:48 PDT
At 02:29 PM 5/29/2006, you wrote:
>   The native Ruellia is worth the effort. Congrats on the extra bonus bulb

I hope what I dug is really a Ruellia.  I'll know soon enough when it 
blooms.  I bet the bonus bulb is an onion.  LOL.

>worth finding is Tradescantia ohioensis I think I got it from Prarie 
>Nursery or else it was High Country Gardens
>   The stems are tall and very narrow (compared to the other 
> commercially available Trads.) The flowers are never ending and 
> quite showy. It isn't floppy and stands straight up through OH rains.

I grow it!  I grow two types.  One is the "normal" blue, and one is a 
kind of raspberry color.  They're local genotype too.  I also found a 
park filled with Tradescantia subacaulis (I think I got that right) 
and I'm waiting for the seeds to ripen.

Dennis in Ohio, where it got far too hot far too quickly.

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