roots for my pamianthe

James Frelichowski
Thu, 18 May 2006 12:55:33 PDT
hello bulbophiles:
  I am not sure if I can give helpful advice but soil type is not the end all to healthy roots.  Maybe more attention should be given to keeping the moisture level and temperature of the soil more constant.  Wild fluctuations in either will stress the roots and inhibit their growth.  Many times plants are put into black plastic pots and these can bake under a lot of sunlight and also cool off quickly at night.
  James Frelichowski

Ronald Redding <> wrote:

I am finding that the plants that I have grown from seed, now one and a half 
years old are starting to take off. I have had a lot of causalities and I 
have experimented with mixes that include my orchid bark, clivia mix, 
bromeliad, general bulb, course sand and worsleya mixes. I have found that 
although they have a similar general appearance and similar looking roots 
they hate the worsleya mix I use, although worsleya's absolutely thrive in 
it. They are growing well in a general mix that has at least 80% composted 
bark which is great as it is much cheaper for me to obtain. I believe they 
like mostly organic very free draining mixes with plenty of air space and 
they also will not grow roots into a medium they do not like

All this being said I have also found you can have everything right with a 
pamianthe however when they are young they are still prone to going belly 
up. I wish you luck and can send you photo's separately if you would like.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes
Ron Redding
Hervey Bay

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