strange bulb

Dennis Kramb
Mon, 29 May 2006 07:24:40 PDT
At a nearby construction/development site I wanted to rescue a plant 
of a native, wild Ruellia before they all got bulldozed.  Only I'm 
not 100% sure what they look like this time of year.  Well, it was a 
spur of the moment thing and the only tool I had with me to dig was 
my car keys.  LOL.  So I dug up a tiny little plant & rootball and 
brought it home.

Lo & behold I got a strange hitchhiker too.  A bonus bulb of some 
sort.  It's white, teardrop shopped, and about 1cm diameter at the 
fattest part.  It was also completely dormant... no green foliage and 
few roots.  Now I know there's no way to guess what it is from that 
feeble description, but I couldn't believe my luck at getting an 
intact bulb like that with such a small rootball.

I think I'm more interested in this new bulb -- whatever it may be -- 
than the Ruellia I saved (which is doing extremely well, by the 
way).  The Ruellia will make an awesome addition to my prairie 
beds.  Maybe this bulb will too?  I hope it's a native.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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