Weedy Ornithagalum

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Ditto  for me, a noxious, obnoxious, toxic weed. But the deer don't eat  it.

===>I have it in every bed and in the grass too. The bloom is pretty,  but 
the plant is terrible. I keep a large bucket beside me when I weed and every  
bulb of this I dig out goes in the bucket, ultimately to go in the garbage. I  
don't want to risk getting it into the compost too.
I believe I have also either read or been told that it may harbor narcissus  
viruses, another reason to rogue it out mercilessly. I think if you work  
diligently on it with a deep trowel and weeder, you may eradicate it in 25 years  
or so.
Bill Lee--in Cincinnati

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