Bletilla striata photo

Mary Gutierrez
Mon, 15 May 2006 00:22:09 PDT
Hi all--

I'm new to the PBS, this is my first post--I hope you won't mind me  
starting out with a request/question.

I'm the editor of Northwest Garden News, we're based in Seattle. I'm  
having a hard time finding a good close-up photo of a Bletilla  
striata flower to publish along with a story I am running on the  
plant in NWGN. If you have a nice, high-resolution photo that you can  
let us use, I will offer a photo credit and a year's subscription to  
the publication in return.

I hope my question is appropriate, I'm sure I'll find out if it is  
not! I wouldn't ask, but I can't find a good stock photo of the plant  
or flower.

I look forward to corresponding with you on more interesting bulb- 
related subjects in the future.

thanks much,


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