Multipetal / Double-flowered Oxalis

Max Withers
Thu, 25 May 2006 11:37:38 PDT
Speaking of Oxalis, I have some volunteers that bear an uncomfortable 
resemblance to O. pes-caprae, but the flowers are smaller and a darker 
yellow, leaves smaller and a darker green.

I suspect O. stricta or corniculata, and I wonder how weedy it is in 
Northern California. It's a pretty little plant, but I've been 
traumatized by O. pes-caprae in the past. Do I need to eradicate it?


PS, Andrew, I just found this picture of a double yellow Oxalis (species 
unknown) on flickr:

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> Pieter said,
>  > I found a clump of yellow double-flowered Oxalis
>  > when I was hiking in the Oorlogskloof area last
>  > October.
> I, for one, would be very keen to see a photo.
> Of course, me being me, that goes for any Oxalis.
> Andrew,

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