[Fwd: Re: Planting Lycoris squamigera.]

Kelly Irvin kelly@irvincentral.com
Thu, 16 Nov 2006 09:38:16 PST
Jim McKenney wrote:
 > I have old, scattered plantings of Lycoris squamigera in my garden; some
 > bloom, some don't. I have no idea why.


Just go to the clumps that aren't blooming, dig them up trying to 
recover as much root as possible, separate the bulbs and re-plant. In a 
couple seasons they will be blooming like the other clumps. Crowding of 
an old clump is the main reason Lycoris stop blooming, or seem to only 
put up one or two stalks a year. This would be a better time to do it 
than this spring, but you may have difficulty finding them right now. 
Best time to transplant would be to wait until foliage is almost 
completely died back when you still know where they are located.


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