Clonal breakdown

Max Withers
Wed, 22 Nov 2006 11:28:00 PST
Dear all,

Please keep up the fascinating discussion of genetics/virus/asexual 
propagation. I am learning a lot.
I wonder if both "clonal breakdown" and certain symptoms usually 
attributed to "virus" are not the result of an accumulation of 
transposons (and other nucleic hijinks) in the absence of sexual 

Max Withers

PS: Although turkeys are not yet produced from tissue culture, the 
commercial breeds are incapable of sexual reproduction without human 
intervention. See the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy site:

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> Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to all I hope your turkeys are tasty, and
> good eating and would there be clonal breakdown in such birds brought
> about by inbreeding?

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