pbs Digest, Vol 45, Issue 37 P. cordata 'Yamazaki'

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Wed, 01 Nov 2006 20:16:13 PST
Hi Adam,
when planted outside in various locations/conditions, it invariably melts away with summer heat here in New Jersey. I've had a few puny leaves return in fall, then again next spring, again in fall, ect. Only in true "woodland" conditions has it disappeared completely for me. Ellen (Seneca Hill) does send beautiful plants though. The infl. is about 2 inches tall and smells like juicy fruit gum!


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Hello all.  Reading about this gem, it is quite different from the teeny 
thing that I got from Chen Yi and I would be interesting in trying it here 
in the Chicago area, either in a pot or outdoors. How big is the 

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