Postcard from the Peloponnese
Thu, 02 Nov 2006 03:13:48 PST
Since I have some extra time on this Internet cafe computer, I'm sending the PBS a postcard; wish I could send the pictures too, but I'll post some later on the wiki.

I've just spent 5 days on the Mani Peninsula in the southern Peloponnese looking at the famous fall bulbs (and some other plants that flower at this time, which surprised me). So far have seen Crocus goulimyi, C. boryi, C. laevigatus, C. niveus (including lavender forms, which I didn't know about); COlchicum parlatoris, psaridis, and cupanii; CYclamen graecum (astounding variety of leaf forms!) and C. hederifolium (including the fragrant subsp. confusum); Narcissus serotinus and N. tazetta (bicolored subsp.); Biarum tenuifolium; Arisarum vulgare; Urginia (Drimia) maritima; and leaves of bulbs that will bloom later, such as Iris (Hermodactylus) tuberosa. Yesterday we visited a recent burn where all the woody plants had been killed or cut to th ground, and many, many bulbs were up and flowering in the bare soil; they should seed well this year. I have today off because I came down with a rotten cold last night and didn't want to give it to everybody in the van, sitting there all day; as a result I'm missing the white form of Crocus goulimyi, and Crocus cancellatus (fortunately I left them flowering at home, and can get habitat photos from another member of the party).

I hope this cold leaves quickly, because Saturday I'm flying to Antalya, Turkey, and going with a smaller group to the mountains to see more bulbs; it will be a lot more rigorous than the seacoast of Greece, where except for 2 stormy days it's like southern California.

Best regards,
Jane McGary

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