Bulbmeister.COM End of Season Sale! Save at least 40%...

Kelly Irvin bulbmeister@bulbmeister.com
Wed, 15 Nov 2006 19:16:49 PST
Bulbmeister.COM End of Season Sale - Save 40-50%!

The time has come for the Bulbmeister to wrap things up for the season, clean shop, and prepare for winter. With this in mind I'm sending this exlusive offer to present customers and notification requesters only. Prices on the shopping list are already discounted 25%, but, if you use the following coupon code:


as you go through online checkout (on the shipping information page, at the bottom of the page), an additional 20% will be taken off the subtotal. That's at least 40% off of the retail price, with additional savings for larger orders! This offer ends and the list will close Sunday, November 26th, so don't delay. All offers are subject to availability, and first shipments from this offer will go out on Tuesday, November 28th.

A quick note: I had previously shown _Amaryllis belladonna_ as "out of stock", but recently found some misplaced bulbs, so, though few, this is available again until sold out.

To begin shopping, visit "http://www.bulbmeister.com/flowershop/fpl2006/".

Looking ahead, I anticipate the spring special order list will become available sometime in December, January at the latest. Additionally, the nursery should FINALLY re-open in February/March. Please have a happy, safe, and warm winter.

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