White star

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 29 Nov 2006 13:43:55 PST
Dear Linda,

I've bought Ornithogalums without names in a garden center one year. The 
Ornithogalum thyrsoides pictured on the wiki is one of the plants I 
purchased as a white Ornithogalum (I can't remember what weird name they 
used) when I also purchased a yellow and orange which I think were 
Ornithogalum dubium cultivars. The white one which never bloomed again 
after that first year so was an annual for me looks like that species 
anyway and it is one more commonly grown. I suspect that is what you have. 
However as I noted when I reported on my trip to South Africa, the white 
Ornithogalums are not easy to distinguish. O. conicum is very similar 
except it never has a dark center. I'm very slowly adding pictures to the 
wiki of plants we saw in South Africa, but I haven't tackled the white 
Ornithogalums yet. I haven't finished adding all the wonderful things we 
saw in Middelpos yet so have been working on that. But you might check the 
wiki page to look at my pictures to see if this is what you have.
Another clue that makes me think it could be this species is that I talked 
with some exporters of South African ornithogalums on my trip and O. dubium 
and O. thyrsoides were the two names mentioned the most.

Mary Sue

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