Capetown and seeds, but not about bulbs

Myke Ashley-Cooper
Mon, 27 Nov 2006 21:27:54 PST
Just to set the record straight, it was Jan van Riebeeck who established the veggie garden here in the Cape. 
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  A Tale of Sturdy Seeds

  Jan Teerlink was a Dutch merchant returning to Europe in 1803 after visiting 
  Asia on a trading trip.  His ship, the Henriette, stopped in Capetown, South 
  Africa for a fortnight and Teerlink went ashore.  He acquired friends, 
  artifacts, and other items; among his Capetown-collected booty were seeds of 
  32 plant species.  Based upon his notes and the seed packages, it seems 
  likely he acquired them at the garden of the Dutch East India Company.

  The stage for the garden was set in 1652 when Jan van Fiebeeck and his 
  colleagues at the Dutch East India Company established a way station for 
  ships coming and going to Asia.  

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