Baullosa seeds

Diane Whitehead
Fri, 24 Nov 2006 18:40:16 PST
In the summer, I bought a number of packets of seeds from Osmani 
Baullosa.  I sowed them earlier this month and have had amazingly 
fast germination from some of them - about 5 days for some.

I think one was incorrectly labelled, though, and I wonder if anyone 
else ordered the same, and what your plants look like.

It was labelled Leucocoryne GY.  The seeds were not small black seeds 
like all the other packets of Leucocoryne.  Instead, they were small 
gray cubes.

They germinated with two cotyledons, and each cotyledon has since 
sprouted two little leaves.

Any ideas?

Diane Whitehead  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
maritime zone 8
cool mediterranean climate (dry summer, rainy winter - 68 cm annually)
sandy soil

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