Neomarica - more

Tue, 21 Nov 2006 14:17:12 PST
i was traveling with mauro in 2001 when we found and
photographed that pic of N. glauca on the website. 
flowers are smaller than other Neo.  in that trip,
there were also 2 other weird irids we found in MG
state, unfort. neither one in bloom.  one had
succulent leaves that were curvy (it could be the one
that he has as Pseudo. recurvata on his website), and
the other one had very thin and long but cylindrical
leaves.  seeds of this last one germinated for me as
very thin tufts of grass but none survived to

actually, when i think of it, we found so many weird
plants in the "campos rupestres" of MG, incl. some
weird yellow-flower bulb in the Rapateaceae family, 
Sysirinchiums, Zephyranthes, crazy Melastomataceae
(not bulbs of course),and wonderful tuberous
APocynaceae with gorgeous flowers.

tsuh yang 

--- Lee Poulsen <> wrote:
> Mauro Peixoto has photos of the following species
> (as well as two  
> very nice looking unnamed species):
> Neomarica glauca

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