Neomarica - Congratulations

David Ehrlich
Mon, 27 Nov 2006 14:55:35 PST
I think the unnamed species on your Neomarica page is N.caerulea.  Cameras, particularly digital cameras, do not report colors very accurately, especially blues.  And, N.caerulea plants seem to come in a wide range of shades of blue.  According to photos I’ve seen, the outer tepals on some are narrow and pointy, while on others, they are wide and rounded; some have rather short peduncles, on mine they are 5” (13 cm.) long.  Also, mine have yellow markings near the centerline of the petals where they make the reverse bend.  These markings are not noticeable on any of the photos I’ve seen on the internet.  Except for those yellow marks, and that the adventitious plantlest would be beginning to show, the photos could be a dead ringer for my N.caerulea.

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