three layers in plants

B.J.M. Zonneveld
Thu, 23 Nov 2006 01:20:50 PST
Yes most plants ( not conifers)are build from three layers L1 L2 and L3
and those fit each other like a glove. They cannot be equated with cell
layers, they are genetic entities. In monocots L1 forms the outer layer
and a substantial part of the edge of the leaf ( see Sanseveria
Laurentii with yellow edge) L2 also is often a single cell layer and
forms the gametes, (pollen and eggs) ( not the L3!!). The L3 forms the
bulk i.e. the inner part of a plant. The situation is different in
dicots There L1 is colourless and the colored edge of the leaf is the L2
( one gets only green seedlings from Hedera Gold herz). Lastly a somatic
mutation is not necessarely confined to the outer layer L1. If it does
one has a chimera ( A chimera is a plant were one or two layers of the
three L1, L2, L3 are genetically different.

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