Hippeastrum reginae

James Frelichowski butterflyamaryllis@yahoo.com
Sat, 04 Nov 2006 10:38:43 PST
Hello Joe:
  I see heirloom Hipps in many outdoor gardens.  I guess a recommendation would be a well drained, slightly raised bed to ensure good soil drainage.  Also just cover or protect them on those rare days when frosty comes to town.
  James Frelichowski
  College Station, TX

rdjenkins <rdjenkins@bellsouth.net> wrote:
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Subject: [pbs] Hippeastrum reginae

> I wonder if H. reginae will do OK in the garden, if it will tolerate USDA 
> zone 9a frosts, and if it can accept year round rain. On the other hand, 
> perhaps I should grow it in a pot and put it away for winter?

This source say yes to being OK outdoors in your zone:

I'd seek out other confirmations before risking my only bulb, but in a protected site, I think you'll have success. I'd keep indoors, potted, until spring anyway.

Sorry not to be able to share any personal experience.

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