Planting Lycoris squamigera.

Kelly Irvin
Wed, 15 Nov 2006 13:08:07 PST

I would plant it now if it were mine. It's very, very hard to kill an L. 
squamigera bulb, but all Lycoris hate being uprooted and "un-rooted" to 
enter the traumatic scrubbings and cleansings of the export trade or any 
dormant sales program. Reason (IMHO)? They just hate to loose their 
roots. If you put it in the ground now, I would expect it to have more 
time to develop the beginnings of a root system by February when the 
foliage begins to form. It might come up later this first time, and it 
will likely put up half-height foliage the first season.

I'm not picking on the bulb trade, by the way, but bulb preparation for 
dormant sales does not match the ideal Lycoris lifestyle. Since Lycoris 
can be so durable, it only means a delay in re-establishment. At least 
the process makes some of them readily available every year.

Remember to plant with the neck just below soil level. 2-4" of course 
mulch wouldn't hurt, either.

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rdjenkins wrote:
> I just received three nice rootless bulbs. Should I put them in now or wait till sometime in spring? I read from one source that I should wait till after the last frost, which here in my neck of 7b, is generally April 15th. 
> TIA.
> Robert.
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