Planting Lycoris squamigera.

James Waddick
Wed, 15 Nov 2006 14:32:25 PST
>Are there any data to suggest that a particular planting depth is best for
>Lycoris? In particular, are Lycoris like peonies in that if planted too
>deeply (or too shallowly) they will not bloom?

I can't tell you why, but from seeing a few species in the wild in 
Hunnan and Zhejiang Prov, the bulbs seem to strive for the shallowest 
possible site. In warmer Hunan bulbs were totally above ground, held 
down solely by roots and even in warmer parts of Louisiana L. radiata 
can be so 'emergent' that bulbs fall over at bloom, but stay attached 
only from roots.

	In my garden it gets very cold, but I have noticed that if 
planted deeply, the bulbs will move up and frequently the neck is 

	I've never left bulbs exposed for the winter, but it is not 
too late to try.

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