Linda Foulis
Thu, 02 Nov 2006 10:18:16 PST
I've given considerable thought to that particular book (Winter
Flowers.....) since you mentioned it Jim, almost a year ago.  I do want a
greenhouse, however for me and for the yard set up I now have, it's just not
practical.  I'm very limited in where I could place a greenhouse and
attempting to heat it in my zone 3, well I was looking into solar powered
heating systems.  Affording that is another huge factor.

Twenty feet behind our house is a 3' retaining wall, which is the start of
our hill.  Not sure on the degree of slope but it's end height is
considerably above the top of our house.  I can point out a dozen excellent
spots for a pit house.  Our hill has nothing going through it, no utilities
of any sort and consists of heavy clay.  Over the summer we watched our
neighbor carve a massive curving set of stairs out of their hill and seeing
this has got me thinking that a pit house (or 2) may be the route for me.
I'm also fortunate in that my husband works in the cement industry and I'll
be able to make a sturdy long lasting pit house.

I purchased this morning a first edition copy of that book, that includes
fold out plans for the construction of the pit.  The hard part will be
waiting for spring to start digging, our ground is already partially frozen
here already.

Linda Foulis
Okotoks, AB
Canada       Zone 3

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