Bulbmeister.COM booboo

Kelly Irvin bulbmeister@bulbmeister.com
Thu, 16 Nov 2006 04:08:49 PST
I'm very, very sorry. I have no explanation anybody is going to believe. 
I did not mean to send an ad to the list. I had about 100 customers 
whose e-mail was returning undeliverable, but I had sent an html ad, so 
I collected those addresses from my inbox and resent a txt version. I 
did not realize that two of those messages were to Dell when I was 
trying to order BX seed and to the list to answer part on Jim McKinney's 
L. squamigera question.

I'm going to get my e-mail changed so this mistake does not happen 
again. I'm very sorry.

Mr. Kelly M. Irvin
The Bulbmeister
10846 Hodge Ln
Gravette, AR 72736

USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 6b

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