lamon ready
Thu, 30 Nov 2006 20:52:11 PST
hi all,
  i'm a plant nut, er, i mean collector, in southwest georgia, cairo, usa.  
i've enjoyed plants as long as i can remember.  i do plants as a means of 
"taking my mind off of arthritus and fibromalgia".  i am blessed to have 
several friends who have helped me along on aquiring common, 'common', and 
uncommon plants and bulbs.  i finally got pine lily several months ago.  
hopefully next year i'll have seed to share.  l. catesbaei. i think that 
there are 2 subgroups of the smaller stemed one.  google pine lily, and 
click the forestryimages link. i especially love lycoris, crinun, and 
amaryllis, but don't discriminate intentionally.
  i'm a fruit explorer also, so i sometimes push the limits on zonal 
information.  l'm glad to have come across pbs through the lycoris pics on 
  deep in dixie,  lamon

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