Planting Lycoris squamigera.

Jim McKenney
Thu, 16 Nov 2006 05:58:49 PST
Jim Waddick wrote:" Few of Mr. Caldwell's plants were distributed and many
were lost after his death. His suggestion that L. chinensis is a tetraploid
is not true as we now know from study of its Karyotype and L. squamigera is
a triploid. Actual hybridization work does not include L. 
chinensis is the parentage of L. squamigera."

It was not Sam Caldwell who suggested that the Glenn Dale yellow Lycoris
might be tetraploid; it was Jim McKenney. Reports that Lycoris chinensis is
diploid are interesting but irrelevant unless the Glenn Dale yellow lycoris
was used to determine such chromosome counts.  

Furthermore, Jim McKenney made no assertions about the parentage of Lycoris
squamigera in that posting. 

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