Jean & Brian
Mon, 06 Nov 2006 20:33:05 PST
Well, at least I may have some luck with the T. tricolorum and the T. 
brachyceras. I think I'll try Diana's suggestion and use vermiculite 
in plastic bags. How many seeds per plastic bag? Does it matter?
It doesn't get terribly cold here (although when I'm teaching 
gardening outside to a bunch of fourth-graders and it's 40 degrees 
and raining and all I have is my covered canopy masquerading as an 
outdoor classroom it feels pretty damn cold to me), so perhaps it's 
all for naught, but I figure I have nothing to lose and plants to 
These were the only seeds I got that were questionable in terms of 
location; I didn't quite realize this until they arrived and I 
started looking up the germination requirements. Normally I try to 
stay away from a plant that needs too much of something my 
environment can't give.
On the plus side, I got a variety of interesting Calceolaria species 
from her that are coming up nicely already...
Were the Tropaeolums on the Filbert Steps (Grace Merchant Garden)?  I 
don't remember seeing any there recently. Or on the hill above it 
towards Coit Tower? I don't go there as often but could make a trip, 
seeing as I live here and all.

Thanks for such great feedback,

Jean Moshofsky Butler

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