A little OT, but I'm desperate.

rdjenkins rdjenkins@bellsouth.net
Wed, 15 Nov 2006 08:41:14 PST
Desperately seeking the real thing.

I have been searching for years now for seeds Ipomoea purga (syn. I . jalapa or xalapa). They inevitably turn out to be something else entirely (I. tubinata, I. macrorhiza, and so on) I no longer purchase from otherwise reliable seed sources on the web, due to being disappointed so often. I sometimes doubt that the vine produces seeds at all.

There is or was only one specimen of this vine known to me in the US (in Louisiana) and I have seen a picture of the flower for verification.  I have read unconfirmed reports that it has naturalized in southern Florida, but, with all due respect, I find USDA reports highly unreliable.

Does anyone have a connection in the state of Vera Cruz, Mexico, particularly in the Xalapa area? It is grown as a medicinal tuber there. Could your contact provide pictures of the flowering vine? There seems to be only a certain old print in circulation of I. purga, and these picture would be invaluable.


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