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Thu, 02 Nov 2006 08:51:53 PST
I can second Jim's observations about pit houses. When I was at The New York Botanical Garden, we had a range of four of these structures, one of which was used for some of the rock garden plants, bulbs, etc. It provided wonderful conditions for many of these things, especially bulbs and cyclamen. There use is sadly being discontinued.
Ducking to get through the door was the only inconvenience. You could stand comfortably inside in the center aisle and benches ran down either side. The walls were made of brick and extended above bench level (although if I were building one, I'd be inclined to put them at bench level so that side walls with additional venting could be constructed--with this change they would make admirable alpine houses as well). They were heated to 43F. in winter.
Most people constructing any plant growing facility are concerned with heating...it's far rarer (except among this group) to consider keeping it as cold as possible without freezing. I wish I had a couple here...

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