Bulb mix curses

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Wed, 08 Nov 2006 21:12:29 PST
That's fantastic, Linda!  Now how do we get Alberto curse to??

:) Donna in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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> Hello,
> Back in February of this year I had corresponded with Alberto Castillo
> regarding potting mixes for bulbs.  Alberto had said to me, 'As matter of
> fact, I am not doing you any favor, as once you adjust your mixes and
> everything explodes into growth with you it will be like a curse!'
> Well, cursed I have been and I could not be more pleased.  Sometimes when
> something seems so simple, it does not make sense that it could work, and
> yet here I am dealing with this curse.  I followed Alberto's instructions
> and repotted all of my bulbs (mostly hippeastrum), and since then I have 
> had
> hippeastrum in some stage of bloom, with at least one at any given time in
> full bloom.  Right now, one in full bloom (Jewel - a small double), one 
> just
> starting to bloom (unknown, hasn't bloomed in years) and five more with 
> buds
> out downstairs.  Bulbs are splitting their tunics at an almost alarming 
> rate
> and I am absolutely giddy.
> Thank you Alberto.  Actually I would also like to thank the rest of the
> group as well.  I don't participate much, but the knowledge that I am
> gaining from all of you is just wonderful.  Thanks!
> Linda Foulis
> Okotoks, AB     Canada
> Almost blizzard conditions tonight which will hopefully give a good 
> blanket
> of snow on the beds.  Inside, I'm in hippie heaven and even better, just 
> got
> my order of albuca seed from Silverhill.
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