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Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 07 Nov 2006 08:10:23 PST
Thanks for the responses about this and for the helpful links. I still find 
books, web sites, and plant lists choosing to arrange plants by families 
which makes it extremely difficult for people who are not familiar with 
families to find what they are looking for so I thought including family 
information might be helpful. As Boyce indicates the important thing is 
finding the plant and as John says just knowing the family won't help us in 
knowing how to grow the plant.

But as I go ahead with this I am wondering if  it's worth my time. I looked 
at the site John suggested and I agree it's not an easy read although some 
of it is fascinating and would be more so if I were written in language I 
could understand. But it is clearly written for taxonomists not the general 
public. I doubt I can confidently translate it to explain some of it in 
language more easily understood.

I asked this group for help with Arthopodium and Thysanotus.

I couldn't find anywhere on the site that John mentioned the list of genera 
for each family. If you put Arthopodium in the search you come up empty. If 
you put Thysanotus you get a very long page to struggle through and 
eventually you find Laxmanniaceae with "14-15/178: Lomandra (50), 
Thysanotus (50). Predominantly Australian, also Madagascar, India, and 
South America."

So we now have these choices for Thysanotus:
Asphodelaceae, Liliaceae, Anthericaceae, Laxmanniaceae, Lomandraceae and 
APG 11 optional Agavaceae or

IPNI lists both Anthericaceae and Liliaceae; the Mobot Tropicos site 
suggests Liliaceae

Perhaps the same choices are available for Arthropodium. IPNI lists 
Anthericaceae; the Mobot Tropicos site suggests Liliaceae

I'm thinking either I need to abandon this project or for genera like these 
remove any mention of a family.

Suggestions anyone? Is it helpful to have family information on the wiki?

Mary Sue 

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