New Chinese Lilies

James Waddick
Fri, 10 Nov 2006 05:43:27 PST
Dear All;
	I know we don't often discuss lilies- there's a forum for 
that elsewhere, but I just got a few bulbs of two species new to me 
and I wonder if there's any experience among members.

	1.  L. rosthornii  is new to cultivation. My friend, a former 
NALS president says " It is a fantastic, easy to grow lily similar in 
flower to henryi only on short stiff stems.  It flowers VERY late.  I 
love it.  I had a stem with 42 buds this year from bulbs that I got 
from Chen Yi about 5 years ago.  If you're lucky you'll get a clone 
with black nectaries!"
	Paige Woodward says " It is beautiful, robust and matures 
rapidly..... It blooms in late August-September here." and she offers 
bulbs for sale.

	2.      L. majoense is totally new to m. My NALS  friend says 
it is "one of the most elegant lilies I have ever seen.  It seems to 
be a strong grower.   Definitely my favorite lilium species."
	Not much info available, but suggestions that make it sound 
VERY nice. Tall, nice foliage attractive bicolored flowers and hardy 
too. Couldn't find any source, but Paul Christian Rare Bulbs.

	So I am curious if any of the PBS members grow either species 
and what your experience is or if you have seen these growing and can 
comment on them in any ways.

		Tanks for your comments.		Jim W.
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