Amarcrinum seed germination

Jim Lykos
Wed, 15 Nov 2006 19:02:04 PST
Hi Cynthia,

You have described seeds of Amaryllis - they will vary from opaque to pearly white, various shades of pink to dark plum and dark maroon colours. 
The germ or growing point will appear a couple of weeks before they germinate - which could take one to two months from harvesting.
 Amarcrinum will be green or initially appear with a similar colour to Amaryllis but the waxy coloured outer epidermis, will flake away or disintegrate after a couple of days. They are hence susceptible to fungal diseases and wilting as they will lack an impermeable skin to retain the seeds moisture.  On the positive side the seeds germinate within a few days to two weeks of harvest.
I  think I mentioned earlier that there are not many varieties of Amaryllis or xAmarygia that will set seed with Crinum species - its a matter of experimenting and finding a few varieties that will act as seed parents. Even then the seed count will be low.

Jim Lykos
Blue Mountains Aust.
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  Dear members,
  Several of us who have gathered seeds of amarcrinum (probably Fred
  Howard) here in Central Texas have wondered about their germination
  capability.  The seeds are round and plump, black through pearly white
  or light pink.  When held up to the light there is no darker mass
  anywhere in the seed.  Are these "duds" or can they actually sprout?
  What do seeds of actual Amaryllis belladonna look like?
  Cynthia Mueller
  College Station, TX
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