caudex and wannabe geophyte, and mea culpa

Joe Shaw
Tue, 21 Nov 2006 19:46:23 PST
Hi Gang,

First, I claim the dunce prize for sending a message to the group with all sorts of extra material copied from an earlier PBS digest.  Mea culpa and please forgive me.  I've got to learn to stop "shooting from the hip" when it comes to the send button.  

Second, I found an interesting photo of a geophyte-like Sansevieria plant.  Really, it is a caudex-like growth but it appears somewhat like the tuber of a tuberous Begonia.  The plant is attractive, and no way a geophyte, but well worth seeing.  The images are part of an Ebay auction that ends tomorrow (Nov. 22, 2006).  

LINK:  Sansevieria singularis Ebay sale 


Conroe TX 
Cool and frosty weather last night, but not cold enough to knock back the Cannas, or anyting else.  

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