virus in hippeatrum

Sat, 18 Nov 2006 12:35:16 PST
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Subject: [pbs] virus in hippeatrum

>  I thought I was some kind of insects that had started eating the leaves but 
> having seen this picture I now wonder if it is a virus. Does anubody know 
> what there is to be done to this kind of virus? 
> Anne Schepelern

It is difficult to say without actually seeing your plants. It is possible that your observation is correct, though.

There is no cure for any of the viruses that attack Amaryllids. Sometimes a plant is said to "grow out of the infection", meaning that it is vigorous enough to go through periods where it doesn't seem to be infected or adversely affected, but the virus is still there, AFAIK, only the symptoms aren't showing. Maybe someone else knows if there is spontaneous remission from viruses?

Most sources recommend destroying the plant to prevent the infection spreading to other plants.


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