Butterflies (a bit off topic)

JamieV. jamievande@freenet.de
Tue, 14 Nov 2006 02:14:19 PST
Joe, thanks for sharing the links!  I had a large number of these 
butterflies in my garden this Summer feasting on the nektar from various 
mints and wondered where they came from, as they are very rare, even on 
the continent.  I found out that they are myrmicaphilial, that is 'ant 
loving' and I have a large colony of red ants in the garden that I left 
to do there thing.  Interestingly, the colony is next to a patch of 
marjoram and thyme!  It is very humbling to know that an entire world of 
hidden beauty is pulsing beneath the soils of my garden.

This has made my day!

Jamie V.

To keep it legal, I have some Veltheimia seedlings finally getting large 
enough to bloom.  I seem to have two different species, as one is 
smooth-leaved and quite glaucous, while the other ruffled and shinny 
green.  Fingers are crossed we get flowers.

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