Iris unguicularis and holiday treats

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 24 Nov 2006 08:32:22 PST

Mine have been blooming here in Northern California for a week or two. I 
remembered to cut back the leaves as the flowers are so short. I love this 
Iris. It is so easy and so beautiful between rain storms. I looked on the 
dates of my pictures over the years and most of them are dated November, 
but there were a couple of January pictures. So November is when it usually 
blooms here.

My holiday treat is going to be blooms from Haemanthus deformis I purchased 
from Rhoda and Cameron a number of years ago. I am so excited! Also the 
first of the Romuleas are blooming, R. hallii and one of my pots 
of  Romulea bulbocodium. It seems early for the latter but I haven't looked 
at my records. And there is a Lachenalia viridiflora blooming and more 
Massonias and Narcissus cantabricus and N. romieuxii and of course Cyclamen.

Mary Sue

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