Weedkillers and Bulbs

chuck schwartz puppincuff@cox.net
Sun, 01 Oct 2006 17:38:11 PDT
My experience with Roundup is that if I overspray onto a desirable plant, 
merely wiping the leaves off  by hand or a towel saves it from 
discoloration. I like Roundup because it works through foliage only, so I 
can spray with impunity around roots and stems. I've been experimenting with 
thick mulches to prevent weed germination, but many bulbs don't like the 
extra organics in the soil.
chuck Schwartz
zone 9, CA
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> Bulbs and Weedkillers
> Hey Joe
> I have had several Crinum bulbs recover after being roundupped though I 
> was
> not trying to spray them but attempting trying to spray around the plants
> caught them in the drift. They recover for the most part if they are 
> mature
> plants. Seedlings experience higher mortality and mature plants often do 
> not
> bloom for a year or two after exposure and it is possible to kill an
> irreplaceable mature plant & the losses where high enough that I would not
> recommend it. For extreme bed clean up, I would recommend mowing or 
> cutting
> Crinums to the ground removing foliage along with the weeds. Once the
> foliage is removed there is much less surface to expose to the herbicide 
> and
> it is easier to spray roundup without affecting the Crinums as long as it 
> is
> done when the air is still... This is still a stress on the plants but 
> they
> recover from the mechanical damage far better than they do from the 
> chemical
> damage.
> Alani Davis
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