Whats in Flower At Dave

David bears_pbs_01@mail.bonzabulbs.com
Thu, 19 Oct 2006 13:05:14 PDT

1. This pot of Hippeastrum cybister seeds were purchased at 2 years old
from Bruce Knight, a collector that was here on the NSW Central Coast.
One has flowered.

See the pictures:

I hope to make seeds available in the future but won't be able to share
this year.

2. Still don't know what my unknown hippeastrum is, but I think it's a
beauty. It was grown by Bruce Knight but not sure if he bred it. I think
it's a Cybister cross? Any opinions welcomed. I didn't get seed on this
last year when I tried crossing it with PapCybs (H. Papilio x Cybister)

See the pictures at:

David Sneddon
NSW, Central Coast, Australia.

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