Red Blotch

Sun, 22 Oct 2006 14:49:28 PDT
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> Is red blotch a disease or is it simply a response to mechanical damage? 
> I've seen it (I think we're talking about the same thing) in Sprekelia and
> Zephyranthes and maybe in Hymenocallis of the Ismene group. 
> Jim McKenney

Oh, no, it's just as Dr. Waddick described.

However Hippeastrums react to cuts, bruises and other damage with the red staining that might appear to be Stagonospora. Other fungi can cause red speckling and spotting. Active Stagonospora can usually be differentiated by having a well-defined darker red border around the spots. When it is active, the affected tissue dies and eventually turns black.

Many expert voices say that bulb mite infestation opens the door for "Red Blotch" to take hold through the open wounds the mites cause, and decry the sad fact that many bulbs come into the market already infected with both.


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