Red Blotch

James Waddick
Sun, 22 Oct 2006 13:26:58 PDT
>I would very much like to get a discussion going about what to do with red
>blotch in amaryllis.
>I read the book about amaryllis by S. Okenga it is really beautiful but she
>recommends that you throw infected bulbs out.

Dear Anne;
	First off, I assume you are referring to Stagnospora curtisii 
commonly known under a bunch of names - Fire blotch, red spot, red 
blotch, etc.
	I have had good control with attention to hygiene and 
drenching with a good systemic fungicide labelled for Stagnospora. I 
got mine at Lowe's, a big commercial home and garden store, just from 
reading labels. Any brand will do as long as you read the label for 

	The advantage with Hippeastrum is the dormant bulbs can be 
treated as soon as you start watering and new foliage should be 
cleared right up. Old foliage will not clear up, but will have to be 
replaced by new unblotched foliage.

	Although Starr Okenga's book is very pretty almost lyrical, 
you will probably find much more 'meat' in Veronica Read's excellent 
'Hippeastrum- the gardener's amaryllis" (Timber Press).

	Good luck.		Jim W.
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