David Ehrlich
Wed, 04 Oct 2006 11:14:55 PDT
Hi, Mary Sue,
The seed incubator is a $35.00 item that you can get at OSH or many garden supply centers.  It's just a low-power plastic heating pad, which keeps the seeds warm.  Atop the pad is a pastic tray with a plastic insert with many wells for planting the seeds.  A transparent plastic cover completes the "greenhouse".  My great concern is that I've got these seeds germinating (well, some have, and I hope many more will) in a warm moist incubator.  But, some are ready to be moved outside, where winter is just starting.  I'm not sure of just how to go about acclimating them to the outdoors; I know they need real sunlight and daylength change which they won't get on the dining room table.

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