Crocus kotschyanus

John Grimshaw
Sat, 21 Oct 2006 01:04:48 PDT
To comment on Jin McKenney's comments on Crocus kotschyanus, I would say 
that this is the 'poor relation' of the commoner autumn crocuses, lacking 
the specatacular colour and size of the speciosus clan, but having very real 
charm and great garden qualities of its own. It has survived in the grass 
here at Colesbourne (alongside C. speciosus and C. pulchellus) for at least 
80 years. I agree that it is a species that could do with some work in 
selecting colour forms and good clones.

The white clone I grow  - but that phrasing suggests active participation: I 
should say the white clone that grows - on the rock garden in my parents' 
garden is a good pure white, without the grey hint suggested by Jim. It also 
has the glowing golden throat expected in the species and is very pretty 
indeed. Growing next to it is the other selection mentioned, 'Leucopharynx', 
which lacks the golden throat and looks rather cold in comparison. I hadn't 
seen it flower for some years, so was relieved to find it blooming a couple 
of weeks ago.

John Grimshaw

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