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John Grimshaw
Sun, 22 Oct 2006 00:45:14 PDT
Jim Waddick asked:

>What can you say about C. banaticus cvs? Anything there of  these color 

White forms of C. banaticus are not uncommonly grown by croconuts in the UK, 
usually under the name 'Albus' although there are probably several different 
origins. A superb selected white clone is 'Snowdrift', which has bigger 
flowers than usual and a particularly large, plumy style. It also seems to 
be vigorous and to multiply well. It is a clone and should be sought out. It 
is sometimes available from Mike Smith of Hythe Alpines, and is illustrated 
on his website  and there is also a 
pic at…  It is 
regarded as a good show plant, but should be fine in the open ground.

I know of no named purple clones in circulation at the present time, but 
batches of seedlings will give flowers in variable shades some darker and 
more reddish than average. These are certainly worth multiplying and raising 
further progeny from, because a richly red-purple C. banaticus would be 

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