Roots Out the Drainage Holes

Alberto Castillo
Tue, 24 Oct 2006 18:40:44 PDT
Judy wrote:> So much to consider: large pots to mimic in-ground conditions, smaller > pots so soil doesn't sour - good thing the plants know who they are > (taxonomy changes, what's a species, etc.) and how they want to grow. > Now, if they'd just speak up and tell us . . ."
That the mix becomes sour does not depend on the size of the pot. It is just a problem of poorly aireated mix and improper drainage holes. The bigger the pots you will need extra drainage holes or the core will remain wet forever and eventually becoming sour. It is a fine process in which you are adjusting your watering to let the plants develop longer and deeper root that would make use of all the retained water.
Plants do speak to us, it's only that it takes time to learn their language. It is quite simple though
All the best
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