Crocus speciosus cultivars -

James Waddick
Sat, 21 Oct 2006 09:37:59 PDT
>The great fault of C. speciosus is that its flowers soon fall over, but in
>any sort of still weather they stay up for several days and give a glorious
>effect. C. pulchellus is perhaps prettier and more beautiful for the
>connoisseur, but can't approach C. speciosus for garden effect. The plant
>sold as C. pulchellus 'Zephyr' is probably a hybrid with speciosus, and is a
>lovely soft grey - my favourite of the whole lot in fact - but its seedlings
>give white C. pulchellus.

Dear John;
	I am very glad to hear these are still propagated and 
available in Europe.  I'll give this serious thought next summer.

	What can you say about C. banaticus cvs? Anything there of 
these color forms?

		Best		Jim W.

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