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Sweert's Florilegium was published in 1612 (in Frankfurt am Main), and would 
have been printed on paper. The basic version would have had uncoloured 
plates, and it would have been sold like this for home-colouring, or some 
copies may have been coloured to order before purchase. Personally I prefer 
the uncoloured versions of such plates, as clumsy colorists often blur the 
engraver's lines and make a lumpish instead of graceful image.

Sweert's Florilegium (at least the plates and introductory matter) was 
reprinted in facsimile by Dover Publications, Inc., New York, in 1976. The 
plates are not masterpieces of either art or botany, but it is a useful 
volume to have to hand, and cheaply available from second-hand book dealers 
via http://www.addall.com/


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  However, I did obtain what is purported to
> be a page from Emanuel Sweert's Florilegeum.  It is hand colored picture 
> of
> (what I recall to be) a scilla of pale lavender-blue; I think it is also 
> on
> vellum.  I haven't seen the sheet since it has been packed away since we 
> moved to
> CA some six years ago.  According to the dealer, the Florilegeum was 
> published
> in 1604.  One of the exhibits in Buried Treasures is also a page from this
> book but the date of publication is given as 1612.  I suppose it's a minor 
> thing
> but I'd like to know for certain.  Too, is there somewhere I could look at
> the pages (digitally or in a reprint) in this florilegeum to see if what I 
> have
> actually appears in the book?

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