Pinellia cordata
Tue, 31 Oct 2006 11:36:58 PST
On 31 Oct 06, at 8:04, Roy Herold wrote:

> Well, I never expected to have my name mentioned so many times in the
> course of a PBS thread. Go figure.

Let me make sure I've got this right, then:

"Roy Herold's Form" = 'Yamazaki'

"Don Jacob's Form" = the usual form, the type

The distinction is that 'Yamazaki' has bigger leaves and better 

I got my starts of both 'Yamazaki' and the DJ form from Ellen Hornig. 
They are, as said before, not *quite* the same, but very similar, so 
much so that I'm not sure I could tell them apart without the labels. 
In particular, the leaves of my "DJ form" are about as well marked as 
those of 'Yamazaki'. I'll have to take out the ruler next summer and 
see if the DJ has 4x1" leaves, and what size leaves 'Yamazaki' has 
under the same conditions.

At the back of my mind is the possibility that I have two pots of 
'Yamazaki' and none of the typical form.

What that plain-leaved form is that I have, I dunno. Let me add a 
note on its provenance: fellow PBS-lister Diane Whitehead got it from 
one of the Chinese nurseries. In a foolish spate of enthusiasm, she 
brought it over to show it off: big mistake! Clumsy me, I broke off 
one leaf. It was accidental, I promise! She was generous enough to 
give me that leaf, which I then put in a glass of water on the 
kitchen windowsill where I could keep a close eye on it.

The leaf stayed green and eventually both the bulblets, the one at 
the base of the leafstem and the one in the leaf axil, ripened. I 
"sowed" them, and that's where my stock came from.

Diane unfortunately lost her mother plant, so I was happy to give her 
back descendants of that leaf.

The plain leaved form is accurately described as "puny". Nothing like 
as vigorous as the other two.

Fraser's Thimble Farms on Saltspring Island sells Pinellia cordata, 
but I can't tell you if it better matches my 'Yamazaki' or my "DJ 

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate

on beautiful Vancouver Island

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