Roots Out the Drainage Holes

Mark Mazer
Wed, 25 Oct 2006 06:04:13 PDT
>Out of the 29 species that I currently have, the lesser known L. aloides
>varieties of aurea and vanzyliae lead my list of favorites>

Hi Matt:
Look for L. mathewsii; late blooming, yellow, spicy scented flowers on a stocky plant, excellent.  Also, L. viridifolia is fairly variable.  I have selected some that are shorter and have more spots on the leaves and others that are taller, unspotted and bloom later with flower color that is a bit more saturated.
The greenhouse down here is almost complete, now the race is on to get the heating system finished before we have a killing frost.  This one has room for some raised sand beds on the ground.
Stop by if you (or other interested parties) are ever in the northeast NC area.

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